Journal Editorial Board

Editor in Chief - Nino Zhvania, MD, PhD

Current Position: Doctor Cardiologist of LTD ”DEKA”
Associated Professor of P. Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy.
President of Georgian Medical Women’s Association
1995-2012 -Doctor Cardiologist of Tbilisi I. Javakhishvili State University Medical Diagnostic Center;
1998-2004 - UN Examining Physician.
1982-1991-Senior Scientist of Department of Acute Myocardial Infarction, National Center of Internal Medicine Tbilisi.
1976-1982- Head of Diagnostic Department of National Center of Internal Medicine, Tbilisi.
Member of Georgian and European Associations of Cardiologists
1991-2001 Member of Charity Foundation ”Sheraton Methekhi Lady’s Club”
1992 Founder of American Georgian Humanitarian organization “Georgian Foundation”
Since 1999 till now –Founder and President of Georgian Medical Women’s Association, (, affiliated member of Medical Women’ International Association ( www.
2004-2007 Vice President of Central European Region and Ex Co Member
Of Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA)
.Head of organizing Committee of two Central European Regional Congresses of MWIA - Tbilisi 2006; Batumi 2012.

Author of 45 scientific articles. Editor in chief of two books." Women always Healthy and Yang"
"Antiatherogenic activities of the Red Grape extracts"


Deputy of Editor in Chief.
Khatuna Kaladze, MD, PhD.

National Coordinator of Georgian Medical Women’s Association
2011 LTD “SAMGORI MEDI” General Surgeon
2009 Tbilisi David Aghmashenebeli University, Public Health Department: Full Professor, Head of the Chair for Basic and Clinical Medicine, Member of the Academic Council.
2009-2011 European International Educational University: Invited Professor, Head of the Programme
2009 Health Center: Consultant Surgeon
2009-2012 H. Aliyev Georgian-Azerbaijan Educational University: Invited Professor
2002 Tbilisi Medical Academy: Associate Professor
2001-2006 Tbilisi State Medical University: Assistant-Professor, Dr. Surgeon
2012 Trauma System and Mass Casualty Management Course. Haifa,Israel
2012 Salzburg Weill Cornell Seminar in Trauma and Emergency Surgery,
2008 - Nuovo Ospedale Sant’Agostino Estense di Baggiovara a Modena, dal direttote Dr. Gianluigi Melotti. Minimal Invasive Surgery Training Centre(Italia, Modena).
Advance training Courses on: “Laparoscopic Surgery”; “Bariatric Laparoscopic Surger “Laparoscopic Colo-Rectal Surgery”; “Incisional Hernia Repair”; “Techniques of Thyreoidectomy and parathyreoidectomy”.
2005-2006 - Russian Scientific Center of Surgery, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Advance training Courses on: “Liver, Bile-ducts and Pancreas Surgery”; 2005 – New Medical Technologies Center (Tula, Russia). Advance training Courses on: “US- and X-RAY-guided Minimal Invasive Surgery” 2004-2005 - Moscow State Medical and Dental University, General Surgery Department:
Advance training Courses on: “Endoscopic surgery”; Endoscopic Gynecology ” US-guided Minimal Invasive Surgery” 2002 - Tbilisi Medical Academy. 2-month training Courses on:
“Urgent Endoscopic surgery”
Author of 50 scientific works.
Deputy of Editor in Chief of the book “Women always Healthy and Yang”.


Deputy of Editor in Chief.
Larisa Skuratovskaya, MD, PhD.

Is graduated from Azerbaijan Medical Institute and the International Human Rights Center of Columbia University, New York.
Current Position: Scientific Secretary at the Institute of General Pathology and Path physiology , Russian Academy of the Medical Sciences.
Her research deals with Gender aspects of dependence of atherosclerosis on the state of endocrine system. The last few years she is study the Gender aspects of Public Health, anthropogenic Climate changes and adaptation.
Since the mid –80-ies L. Skuratovskaya is actively involving in International Women’s movement. Field of interests concerns an interaction between Health, Environment and Human Rights.
Membership: Member of Council of International movement Physician for the prevention of nuclear war,
Member of International Group on Climate change research of World Council of Churches, Member of IWF- Russia since its foundation, in 2001-2003 – its President.
Member of Council of International Museum of Women.
During 2006- Russia was the Chair of G8
Larisa Skuratovskaia Actively participated in preparation and participation of Russia in Civil Forum G8 -2006.
Author more than 50 publications and Scientific editor of 6 books, including “International Citizen Tribunal: Chernobyl-interdependence of Health, Environment and Human Rights” (she was a member of organizing committee of this Tribunal ),
”Kyoto protocol: analysis and interpretations”,"
The rights to Health in International Laws”,
“Kyoto protocol and Russia” and others. Active participant and a speaker at Plenary Sessions. of many International UN, EU and IWF conferences and meetings;
Larisa Skuratovskaya is awarded with the medals ”Health Service Excellence” and ”Medal in Commemoration of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow." Has got a certificate ”Citizent ‘s Ambassador- People to People” and “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition’(USA,2005). and “Honorable Citizen of Pensacola”(USA).


Shura Avaliani, MD, PhD.

Current position: Associate Professor, Department of Cardiology Tbilisi State Medical University; ExCo member of Georgian Medical Women’s Association (GMWA)
Area of interests: Clinical Cardiology, Clinical Pharmacology, ischemic heart disease, Heart failure, non-coronary origin heart disease treatment, participation in multinational clinical trials, pharmacokinetics and pharmaco dynamics of cardiovascular drugs. The member of the European Society of Cardiology; participant of many International Congresses; Author of over 30 scientific publications on Cardiovascular Disease. Member of European and Georgian Associations of Cardiologists.


Marina Balavadze, MD, PhD.

From 1993 the Head of the functional-diagnostic department, Institute of Clinical Medicine Tbilisi, Georgia.
Doctor- Cardiologist Involving in atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension trials.
Author of many scientific articles, concerning atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension. Participant of many International Congresses.
Member of European and Georgian Associations of Cardiologists.


Maia Beridze, MD, PhD.

Current Position: Associated professor of Neurology, Department of Neuromedicine, Tbilisi State Medical University. Consultant Professor of the Clinical Center LTD ,,DEKA”.
Participated in several clinical trials:
2008-09 Multicenter prevalence study ,, SIFAP- Stroke in Young Fabry Patients”- Rostock University, Germany;
2008-10 Multicenter double blinded study ,,ORACLE-MS””, Merck Sereno, Investigator
2011 Multicenter Trial , ENOS-Efficiency of Nitric Oxide in Stroke” -Nottingham
University, UK
2011 Multicenter double blinded International Trial, Biogen Idec. 105MS301 ADVANCE;
2012 Multicenter double blinded International Trial, Sinton, GTR 001, GATE;
2012 Multicenter double blinded International Trial, TEVA, GA-MS 302;
Author of 62 publications in National and International scientific Journals, monograph – and study books in the field of Neurology.
Awards: State Award and silver medal for ,,Scientific contributions for overcoming the stroke burden in Georgia”, 2010. Participant of 38 National and international Conferences and Congresses, with 8 oral and 26 poster presentations.
Professional Associations:
Member of Georgian Association of Neurologists and Neurosurgeons, Member of European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS), Member of World Federation of Neurology,
Member of World Stroke Federation, Member of IBRO (International Brain Research Organization), Member of executive Committee of Georgian Association of Therapeutic Riding,
Member of Executive Committee of Georgian Association of Neurosciences; Expert of Georgian National Science Fund.




  • Assistant Professor 2012. Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade Clinic for Emergency Suregry Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade
  • Master of Medical Sciences, M. Sci. 2010. Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
  • Specialist in General Surgery 2007. Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade (Overall score: excellent)
  • Doctor of Medicine M.D. 2001. Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade (Overall score: 9,03 out of 10.00)
  • Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Secondary School Herceg Novi, Montenegro (Overall score: excellent)
  • Primary School Herceg Novi, Montenegro (Overall score: excellent) MEDICAL LICENSE
  • Chief of Intensive Care Unit for Toracoabdominal and Orthopaedic Surgery 2012. Clinic for Emergency Suregry Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade
  • Specialist of General Surgery 2007 – Present University Center for Emergency Surgery Department of Surgery, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade
  • Surgery- Residency Training 2002 – 2007. University Center for Emergency Surgery, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade
  • Internship 2001-2002. Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade RESEARCH AND TRAINING
    University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany
    Department of Liver Surgery and Visceral Transplantation (Nov. 2008. /Sep. Nov. Okt. 2009)
    Salzburg Weill Cornell Seminar «Trauma and Emergency Surgery Salzburg (Jan 2012)»
    LANGUAGES: Serbian, English
    PUBLICATIONS: 12 Journal Citation Reports
  • Serbian Medical Chamber
  • International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologist and Oncologist (IASGO)
    Rimska 9/16, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
    Tel +381 11 289 1360,
    +381 11/3618 444, +381 63 82 79 787


    Francisca M.M Cisca. Griffioen, MD, PhD

    Current position: Vice-president Northern-European Region MWIA 2010-2013.
    Professional experience:
    1963-2004 Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam
    1963-1979 Department of Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics;
    1979-2004 Department of Anatomy and Embryology, Associate Professor. Research various topics, i.e. growth of children, cleft palate and clinical anatomy. Management

  • Honorary Secretary of the Board and Vice-dean of the Faculty of Medicine (1984-1986 and 1992-1994) , Academic Medical Centre/ University of Amsterdam
  • Member of the Board of the Institute for Medical Education (1997-2004), Academic Medical Centre/University of Amsterdam
  • Secretary and Treasurer of the Dutch Anatomical Society (1986-1993)
  • Honorary Secretary of the Society for the Advancement of Natural Sciences, Medicine and Surgery (1997-2003)
  • Member of the Board of the Dutch Society for Medical Education (2000-2004)
  • Chairwomen and member of a lot of Committees Dutch Medical Women Association -Vereniging van Nederlandse Vrouwelijke Artsen (VNVA
  • 1990-1996: President of de VNVA
  • 1990-1995: Chair of the organizing committee of the World Congress of the MWIA in The Hague in 1995
  • 1999 – now: chair of the Committee for Gender Specific Medicine
  • 1998-2004: chair of the Board of Supervisors of the Chair for Women Studies in Medicine at the University of Nijmegen
  • Member of the Organizing Committee of the Congress on the 75th anniversary of the VNVA in 2008
  • Member of the Board of the Dutch Medical Women’s Association (2007-2009)
  • Member of the Organising Committee of the regional MWIA congress in Breukelen 2011 Honour
  • “Officier in de orde van Oranje Nassau”, by her majesty the Queen (2000)
  • Honorary member of the MFAS (Medical Faculty Amsterdam Students) (1997)
  • Honorary Member of the Society for the advancement of Natural Sciences, Medicine and Surgery (2003) Honorary member of the VNVA (Dutch Association of Medical Women) (2004)


    Manana Jebashvili, MD, PhD.

    Current Position: From- 2010 Gastroenterology and Hepatology Center in “Neo clinic” – Director;
    From-2007 Tbilisi State Medical University, Postgraduate Education – Gastroenterol and Hepatology Residency Program Director
    2004-2008 Parliamnet of Georgia – Member of Parliament, Member of Healthcare and Social Issues Commity.
    2008 – 2010 Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia – Deputy Minister
    2010-2012 Healthcare and Social Issues Committee of Parliament of Georgia, member of Committee Experts. Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation. Member of Non-Governmental Organizations;
    From 1999 Member of Georgian Medical Women’s Association.
    2002-2004 Executive Director of Non-Governmental Organization – “Healthy State Paradigm”
    2003-2011 General Secretary of Georgian National Gastroenterology and Hepatology of European Gastroenterology Union (ASNEMGE)
    From 2010 Georgian Medical Specialists Association in Gastroenterology Section in European Medical Specialists’ Union - Representative
    From 2011 President of Georgian National Gastroenterology and Hepatology Society
    1994 “Doctor’s Higher Category” – Ministry of Health of Georgia
    2006 “Expert in Gastroenterology and Hepatology” – USA International Institute
    2006 “Woman of The Year 2006” – USA Biographical Institute and International Research Council
    2007 “2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century” – USA International Biographical Center
    2008 “Women of the Year in Medicine and Healthcare 2008” - USA Biographical Institute and International Research Council.


    Tamara Kezeli, MD, PhD.

    Since 2008 up to day - Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Medicine Head of Department of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, Full Professor
    1998 up to present WHO European Bureau of Pharmaceutics; Project “Rational Use of Drugs in NIS Countries”
    Project Coordinator In Georgia and expert of Rational Drug Use On a Contractual Basis prepared ATC Classification adjusted to the drugs registered in Georgia;
    Created Generic Prescribing Materials;
    Edited and Published 6 most widespread disease Therapy and Management Guidelines
    Edited and Published text-book “Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics” for Medical University students
    Edited and Published “ Rational Use of Antibiotics”
    Translated a Practical Manual of WHO action Programme on Essential Drugs “Guide to Good Prescribing”
    Advised and Edited Essential Drug List for Georgia, Georgian National Pharmacological Formulary, served as a drug registration expert Advised and Edited Drug Formulary for Primary Health Care
    1997 San Diego,USA, University of California, Training Course on Clinical Pharmacist
    1997 August, Groningen University, Netherlands Faculty Of Clinical Pharmacology Summer Course on Rational Prescribing Co facilitator
    1999 September, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Training Course on Rational Prescribing for Pharmacology Departments of Medical Universities of NIS countries Course Coordinator
    2000 January, Ansi, France. WHO II session on “ Blood and Blood products” Expert
    2000 November, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Training Course on Rational Prescribing for Family Doctors. Course Coordinator
    2001 Jenuary, Alma-Ati, Kazahkstan. Training Course on Rational Prescribing for Doctors. Course Coordinator
    2003 January, Tbilisi, Georgia. Training Course on Rational Prescribing for Primary Health Care Physicians. Course Coordinator
    2006 May-June, Tbilisi, Georgia. Training Course on Rational Prescribing for family Doctors from 10 regions of Georgia, Course Coordinator.
    2011 May-June San Diego,USA California, Training Course on Clinical Pharmacist
    Author and Co-author of more then 100 articles, 6 handbooks, textbooks for Clinical Pharmacists, 2002
    Author of National Drug Formulary for Primary Health Care, 2009 Head of Translation Editors Committee of - 11th addition Bertram G. Katzungs’ “Basic and Clinical Pharmacology”, 2010 Head of Translation Editors
    Committee of - 4th addition Bertram Lippincots “Pharmacology”, 2011.


    Archil Khomassuridze, MD, PhD.

    1985-2012 General Director of Zhordania Institute of Human Reproduction
    Since 1994 till now -Professor and Chairman of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Georgian State University.
    Since 1996 Director of the UNFA Program in Human Reproduction
    Since 1999 President of Georgian Association of Reproductology
    Since 1998 Member of the Georgian Medico-Sociological Academy
    Since 1997 Professor and the Chairman of the department of Reproductology of Georgian Medical Academy
    Since 1993 President of the Georgian Planned Parenthood Federation
    Since 1988 Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre in Human Reproduction
    1988-1992 Member of WHO Steering Committee on Mail Fertility Regulation.
    Since 2002 Chief Reproductologist of the Georgian Ministry of Health
    Author of more than 450 publications, 6 monographs and 2 Patents.
    Consultant of the 50 candidate and 20 doctoral dissertations.


    David Metreveli, MD, PhD.

    Current Position: From 2011 Director of David Metreveli Medical Centre, Ltd, Tbilisi, Georgia; Assoc.
    From 2006 Professor at Tbilisi State Medical University, Tbilisi, Georgia.
    Works experience during last years:
    1999-2011 Director of Centre of Endocrinology, Metabolism &Nutriology , Ltd, Tbilisi, Georgia
    1986-2006 - Chief of Endocrinology Department of Tbilisi Medical Academy, Tbilisi, Georgia. Author of more than 100 scientific publications in National and International scientific Journals in the field of endocrinology.


    Bettina Pfleiderer MD.PhD.

    Professor Bettina Pfleiderer works currently at the department of Clinical Radiology and is head of a research group on Cognition and Gender at the University Hospital in Muenster (Germany).
    Her research group investigates gender specific differences in sensory perception and processing of sensory information in the brain e.g. such as in the processing of pain. Studying the various dissimilarities between the female and the male brain can improve diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, particularly with regard to the increasing importance of gender differences. She is also developing teaching modules in gender medicine for medical students and lecturers. She has been the recipient of numerous awards for her gender specific research.
    Professor Bettina Pfleiderer is Ex Co member of Medical women’s International Association.


    Tamar Sanikidze Professor

    Current Position: since 2009-till today- Full professor of Department of Medical Physics and Biophysics in Tbilisi State Medical University
    2008-today Head of EPR Lab of Tbilisi State Medical University
    2004-today Head m of Biophysical Lab of Oxidative Stress in Institute of Medical Biotechnology.
    2010 Tbilisi City Hall, Head of the lecture courses “The Scientific Basis of Medicine”
    2008 SRDF, SNSF, GRDF training courses from Idea to Market.


    Marina Shakarashvili, MD, PhD

    Current Position:
    Since 2006- Associate Professor of the Faculty of Medicine -Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University;
    Since 2008 Associate Professor of The Gorgasali Tbilisi Teaching University;
    Since 1996 Guest Lecturer of the Grigol Robakidze University;
    Ex Co member of Georgian Medical Women’s Association
    Worked at the positions:
    1991 – 1994 General Director of LLC Medea;
    1993 – 1999 Professor, Pro-Rector of the S. Khundadze Institute ‘Skhivi’
    1987 – 2006 Head of Hyperbolical Oxidation Unit “Samkurnalo Kombinati”
    During last years was trained: 17-18 June 2012 -Human Rights in Health Care - International Standards (II session) ;13-15 May 2012- Human Rights in Health Care - International Standards; 23-24 January 2012 Modern Trends in Medical Education; 25-27 September 2010 - Civil Society Development; 22.01-16.02 2006 -Women Leadership in Civil Society.
    October- November 2003 -The Business Women Leadership Training Program
    9-17 March 2001 -Privatization and Entrepreneurship in Health Care: Legal, Ethical, Health Policy and Diversification Issues;16-19 May 2001 Special Education and Rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities.
    Participated in programs: 29.10.07-29.05.08 Youth against Crime” Donor Organization US Embassy, Centre for Criminal Research;
    1.09.06-30.06.07 Emergency Medical Aid Donor Organization The Grigol Robakidze University. Author of 105 publications, among them 7 handbooks. Active Participant of many International Congresses and Conferences.


    Ekaterine Sukhishvili MD, PhD.

    Doctor Gynecologist
    Current Position Deputy Rector of Gori Sukhishvili University;
    Head of gynecological clinic “Sophia Mkurnali”.
    Since 2011 - The ExCo member of GMWA and it’s Coordinator in Shida Kartli Region Georgia;
    Since 2008- The coordinator and participant of UNFPA Shida Kartli Region Georgia;
    1999-2003 Actively worked as the Coordinator of John Hoppkins University in Shida Kartli Region Georgia.
    Author of 15 scientific articles.
    Participation in the projects: 2009-2012 Woman and Health with JSA
    2007-2008 Society against the abortion with Sukhishvuli University
    1999-2003 " Let's take care about each other" with Johns Hopkins University
    1999-2003 " Planning of family” with Johns Hopkins University


    Yousef Tizabi Ph.D; Professor

    Current Position: Professor Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, Howard University, US
    Yosef Tizabi received his B.A. in Physics from University of California at Berkeley in 1970 and his Ph.D. in Physiology from Georgetown University in 1974. Following a 2 year of postdoctoral fellowship at Laboratory of Clinical Sciences at NIH, he joined Howard University where he currently is a Professor of Pharmacology.
    Dr. Tizabi has been a teacher, administrator -being the interim chairman of the Pharmacology Department (from 2008-2011) and most importantly an avid researcher. He is the recipient of the outstanding research award from the College of Medicine at Howard University in 2002 and has been cited as Faculty Scholar at Howard University since its inception in 2001. He has trained a number of Master’s and Ph.D. students and has enjoyed continuous funding by NIH, Pharmaceuticals as well as internal resources.
    Yousef Tizabi has 90 peer reviewed publications and a number of book chapters, and has delivered numerous presentations at national and international meetings. He has served on an NIH study section and has been a reviewer for scientific journals such as Biological Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Psychopharmacology and Neuro psycho pharmacology to name a few. He sits on the editorial board of Neurotoxicity Research and Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior.
    Dr. Tizabi’s main areas of research focus on elucidation of neurobiological substrates of mental disorders including drug addiction to alcohol and nicotine as well as role of neurodegenerative processes in neuropsychiatric disorders, particularly in relation to depression.



    Tamar Vakhtangadze MD, PhD. FESC.

    Doctor Cardiologist
    Current Position: Consulting Cardiologist and Nuclear Cardiologist in the Institute of Clinical Medicine (former Institute of Radiology)- Tbilisi, Georgia.
    During last years worked at the positions:
    2006 - 2009 Lecturer in International Medical College. Tbilisi, Georgia.
    1995 – 2002 Senior Scientific Worker. National Center of Internal Medicine. Department of Ischemic Heart Disease and Cardiomyopathies. Tbilisi. Georgia
    2001 – 2003 Associate Professor; Faculty of Lazer therapy; Georgian State Postgraduate Medical Academy. Tbilisi. Georgia.
    Membership in Professional Associations:
    Member of International and National Societies of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Gerontology, Atherosclerosis, Radiology, Medical Women Association.
    2009– Fellow of European Society of Cardiology
    1995 – 2000 Scientific Secretary of Scientific Board for Defense of Thesis in Internal Medicine.
    2004 – until now - Member of WG in Nuclear Cardiology of European Society of Cardiology
    2003 - until now - Head of working group on Nuclear Cardiology of Georgian Society of Cardiology
    2001 – 2002 Executive Director of Georgian Laser Medicine Association.
    Author of more than 60 scientific articles.


    Manana Zodelava, MD, PhD.

    Current Position: Since 2008 Head of Department of Osteoporosis and Diabetic Foot, at clinic of “Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery “ Caraps Medline”
    Professional experience during last years:
    2010 Head of Osteoporosis Department at “Neo Clinic” Tbilisi, Georgia

  • 2006-2009 Associated Professor at Tbilisi State Medical University, Department of Internal Medicine - Internal Diseases
  • 1988-2006 Associated Professor at Department of Internal Medicine at Tbilisi State Medical University Author of 53 Publications in Georgian and Foreign Medical Literature11 of which were presented on European and World Congresses of Osteoporosis. Membership:
  • Ex Co member of Georgian Medical Women’s Association
  • Member of Internists Association of Georgia
  • Member of Association of Osteoporosis of Georgia
  • 2008-2010 Governor of Soroptimist International of Europe
  • 2006-2008 President of Soroptimist Union of Georgia
  • 1996-1998 President of Tbilisi Soroptimist Club


    Darejan Sokhadze, Proof Reader

    Darejan Sokhadze Current Position: Since 2007 -Senior Instructor of Department of Quality Assurance Service - Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy.

  • In 1965 after graduating from Ilia Chavchavadze Tbilisi Institute of Foreign Languages, Darejan Sokhadze worked at different organizations, including Georgian Institute of Physical Culture and Sport at the chair of foreign languages.
  • During 1972-2007 she worked at I. Beritashvili Institute of Physiology of Georgian Academy of Sciences first as a translator in the group of Information and then – as s scientific secretary of foreign affairs. During this period D. Sokhadze was a member of many International Symposia and Conferences, was a proof-reader of collection of scientific papers published at the Institute. D Sokhadze is a proof-reader of Proceedings of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, biomedical series.


    Kakhaber Chelidze MD. PhD. Professor

  • Since 2013 to present Head of Direction of General Medicine at the Department of Internal Medicine of TSMU
  • 2013 to present Tbilisi State Medical University, Vice-rector
  • 2006-2013 TSMU Faculty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dean.
  • 2005 to present TSMU Department of Internal Medicine, Professor
  • 2005-2006 Tbilisi State Medical University, Deputy Rector
  • 2005-2006 TSMU Medical College, Director
  • 2004-2005 Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Department of Accreditation, Deputy
  • 2003-2004 TSMU, Department of Medical Education
  • 1994 to present TSMU #1 clinic, Department of Internal Medicine, ICU
  • Author of 13 scientific publication and Up to 400 presentations, lectures and training courses during last 10 years